Favorite place to shop: locally, Barnes & Noble, but I enjoy Lush when I have time to drive an hour away.
Favorite place to eat/type of food: I like trying new things, but Chipotle is an old favorite. I've also found I love some of the local bakeries and coffee shops here!
Favorite genre of music and artist: Why did I come up with such hard questions?! I generally like soundtracks and some of my favorite composers are Michael Giacchino, Murray Gold, David Arnold & Michael Price, and Alexandre Desplat.
Favorite (real) animal (fictional comes later, don't worry): Kitties! And I want one so BAD right now, but can't do it, in case I have to be somewhere else this summer.
Favorite type of clothing: I am especially fond of warm things right now, because it is COLD. Sweaters, scarves and fuzzy loungewear/socks when I can get away with it.


Favorite single color: Blue of any variety
Favorite pair of colors (TOGETHER, not just your first favorite and second favorite): Blue and Silver, or Turquoise and Brown
Color you wear most often (if different than favorite): Blue, but I like anything pastel or on the cool side of the spectrum (today's sweater is GREEN! Woohoo for branching out)
Color scheme of current place of residence (if applicable): Can you guess? Blue (of the cornflower variety) and a sort of sunshine yellow

General Books (there is an entire section on Harry Potter later, so non-HP please!):

Most coveted fictional item: I would LOVE a version of Sabriel's bell bandolier (from Garth Nix's Abhorsen series), but I would also love to read the story Capricorn comes out of in Inkheart.
Current favorite novel/series: The only one I've managed to follow and keep up to date with since Grad School started so far is Rick Riordan's Heroes of Olympus series, but I am also in love with Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles
Favorite character from said novel: Heroes of Olympus - Piper or Leo, Lunar Chronicles - Scarlet
What is it about the novel you like: I like the inventive re-imaginings, I guess. I'm also on a high fantasy kick, though, so that might help - the sorta quest-genre feel to them.
Favorite "classic": I'm not much into classics, but can't lose with Jane Austen.
All time favorite author/series: Aside from Harry Potter, I'd say author is Terry Pratchett, series is Kristin Cashore's Graceling trilogy.
Preferred format for reading (hardback, paperback, ebook): paperback

Harry Potter:

House affiliation (Chosen or Pottermore): Ravenclaw
Wand makeup (Chosen or Pottermore): Blackthorn and Unicorn hair
Your Patronus (Chosen or from a quiz): I have no idea so I took some quizzes and got Frog, Rabbit, Stag, or Swan. Not particularly happy with those, I went and found a Daemon quiz from the Golden Compass series and got Peregrine Falcon, Snowy Owl, Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger, or Osprey -> I'll take any of those, but I especially like the idea of a Snow Leopard! Oh, and I think I picked a Dragon when Cassie (was it Cassie?) asked before Christmas.
Favorite book (extras included): Prisoner of Azkaban, then Tales of Beedle the Bard
Favorite movie: One, if I'm not allowed to choose the as yet un-filmed HBO tv series :P
Favorite character(s): Peeves, Dumbledore, McGonagall
Favorite villain (if applicable and different from favorite character): I guess Peeves is kind of a villain? Fake Moody was cool too.
Favorite pairing: I always liked Harry & Ginny, and Ron & Hermione. I have trouble with anti-canon though, so I may be forgetting a pairing I liked before the series was finished.
Favorite spell: Alohomora
Favorite potion: Amortentia (because it has a cool name, not because I'd want to use it) or Felix Felicis
Favorite fantastical beast: Unicorns and Dragons
Most coveted magical item: A Remembrall would be cool, or a Exploding Snap deck! Oh, and chocolate frogs.
Most coveted power/spell/potion (if different from favorite): Animagus

Non-HP nerdy-ness:

Other fandoms to which you belong: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Avengers, Once Upon a Time
Current favorite television series(es) and favorite character: It's a three-way tie - Sherlock (ALL OF THEM), Once Upon a Time (Rumple), or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Agent Coulson)
Ended/cancelled favorite television series(es) and favorite character (if applicable): The West Wing (President Bartlett), Firefly (Kaylee)
Favorite movie and character: Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (Molly & Mr. Magorium),
Current favorite video game (if applicable): The Room/The Room 2 (iPad) - I love the puzzle solvers!
Current favorite comic book series (if applicable): I've been reading my way through Saga lately, and I like it pretty well.
Fictional character you'd most like to cosplay: Emma (OUAT) would be fun, as would an elf from LOTR, anything steampunk, or Rose Tyler.
Favorite fictional animal (any mythology you like): I have always loved Dragons
Favorite fairy tale:
Favorite genre of book/comic/movie/tv: Fantasy/Sci-fi
Most anticipated release of 2014 (of any kind): Cress, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Into the Woods, Sherlock DVDs.


Current hobbies (if applicable): knitting, crocheting, cooking, reading
Collections (if applicable): foreign coins, books (though of course, we all have a collection of those, right?)
Favorite way to relax: bubble bath, reading a novel and forgetting I should be doing something else...
Favorite hot drink/sweet treat: tea, chocolate anything
Any other obsessions: Not that I can think of now
Any allergies or dislikes: Red Food dye, but other than that I'll try anything once.
Items you can't find near you that you miss: Not much actually.
"Guilty" pleasure: terrible rom-coms
Technology you can't live without: Computer, iPad, iPod.

Last Updated: 2/8/2014

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