**dictated to and transcribed by Cassie so that it will actually get done. :)


Favorite place to shop: PA Dutch Tea Shop, but if you can't get to Fredericksburg, comic book stores
Favorite place to eat/type of food: anything pumpkin
Favorite genre of music and artist: Seriously? You really think I have a favorite?
Favorite (real) animal (fictional comes later, don't worry): giraffe
Favorite type of clothing: hoodies


Favorite single color: green
Favorite pair of colors (TOGETHER, not just your first favorite and second favorite): red and gold

Color you wear most often (if different than favorite): purple
Color scheme of current place of residence (if applicable): yellow and cream (it's also Hogwarts!)

General Books (there is an entire section on Harry Potter later, so non-HP please!):

Most coveted fictional item: Bat-arang
Current favorite novel/series: Circle of Magic books by Tamora Pierce; Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan
Favorite character from said novel: Briar from the former, from the latter, Leo Valdez, just as soon as she meets him (thus spaketh Cassie)
What is it about the novel you like: The whimsy, the snark, the angst, the way magic works
Favorite "classic": 1984 by George Orwell
All time favorite author/series: Tamora Pierce, JK Rowling, George Orwell, Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman
Preferred format for reading (hardback, paperback, ebook): paperback or audio book (I like to break the spine, Heidi. I love it when they crack)

Harry Potter:

House affiliation (Chosen or Pottermore): Gryffindor

Wand makeup (Chosen or Pottermore): cherry, phoenix feather core, medium length, very flexible (it needs to not break when I sit on it or get it caught in something)
Your Patronus (Chosen or from a quiz): border collie
Favorite book (extras included): Deathly Hallows
Favorite movie: Deathly Hallows Part 1
Favorite character(s): Fred and George, I've come to adore Neville (which has nothing to do with the fact that I hear about him 24 hours a day, living with Cassie), and I love Ginny
Favorite villain (if applicable and different from favorite character): Gilderoy. He makes me giggle. But I also really like Voldemort, especially his story.

Favorite pairing: Rose and Scorpius
Favorite spell: Protego
Favorite potion: ...that requires reading there a potion to be more awake? That one.
Favorite fantastical beast: phoenix or hippogryph

Most coveted magical item: Invisibility Cloak, wand, magic in general
Most coveted power/spell/potion (if different from favorite): A cleaning spell

Non-HP nerdy-ness:

Other fandoms to which you belong: Doctor Who, Batman, Avengers, comics in general, Gundam Wing (booyah 1980 anime), Firefly, Game of Thrones, Avatar the Last Airbender, Once, Teen Wolf (*Sigh . . . from Cassie*)
Current favorite television series(es) and favorite character: Teen Wolf, Styles; Game of Thrones, Arya
Ended/cancelled favorite television series(es) and favorite character (if applicable): Firefly (really? This is a question?), Wash, then Jayne
Favorite movie and character: Princess Bride, Westley; Aladdin, Aladdin; Alice, Hatter
Current favorite video game (if applicable): Borderlands
Current favorite comic book series (if applicable): Hawkeye, OMG OMG Hawkeye

Fictional character you'd most like to cosplay: Barbara Gordon
Favorite fictional animal (any mythology you like): Dire wolf (Game of Thrones) or daemons (Golden Compass)
Favorite fairy tale: Twelve Dancing Princesses
Favorite genre of book/comic/movie/tv: low fantasy
Most anticipated release of 2014 (of any kind): the next Hawkeye installment


Current hobbies (if applicable): gaming
Collections (if applicable): giraffes, Tinkerbell, Batman, wind chimes
Favorite way to relax: sleep

Favorite hot drink/sweet treat: Tea

Any other obsessions: I think we covered them all. Have we mentioned Batman?
Any allergies or dislikes: not a fan of chocolate or coffee, allergic to antibiotics, but I don't really think you will be giving those as gifts, so . . . also, no mushy-gushy-ushy stuff, like the mug that Cassie and Chase brought into the house and that is going to be smashed if it doesn't leave the kitchen soon, though I'll put $40 in the rubble, since I'll feel bad for breaking something you bought. (*The mug is not that bad . . . okay, it is, but we love torturing her** Cassie)
Items you can't find near you that you miss: COOKIE JAR
"Guilty" pleasure: Teen Wolf
Technology you can't live without: iPad, iPhone, Playstation

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