Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sycamores and Simpson Garden

Tori posted a topic for us! Yay Tori! :) Good to see you around these parts, my friend!

So, trees, huh? I honestly hadn't really classified a favorite tree before being asked this question. I mean, I like the Christian symbolism of dogwoods, and I have fond memories of climbing an apple tree in Massachusetts and a giant fir tree in my front yard in Illinois, but unlike colors or books or moments involving Neville Longbottom, I never really had a favorite.

But then I started thinking about it, and one of my favorite scents has always been the scent of sycamore trees.

(Side note: Do you know how hard it is to have a favorite scent that is not widely known? Like, how do you describe it to someone else? If I say my favorite scent is roses or campfire smoke or baking bread, everyone knows what I mean. But if I say sycamore trees??? People say "What smell is that?" And it's not like a color or a sound -- I can't just show them or play a recording. And it took me forever to identify what produces the smell I love so much, but I did, and it is sycamore trees. And I'm very sorry I can't carry a vial of that scent with me so everyone can know exactly what I'm talking about, but that is the limitation of today. Maybe in the future. Side note done)

I love the smell of sycamore trees, and they're an interesting looking tree, too, so I'll go ahead and give sycamores the honor. :)

As for memories involving a plant, most of you know, I think, that my grandfather passed away about two years ago. (Side note: I can't believe it's been almost two years.) Well, last year, the family all pitched in to by him a memorial tree that was planted in Simpson Garden Park in Bowling Green. Grandma chose a blue spruce (I think -- I know it's a coniferous tree), so that it would look nice all year round, and there is a wonderful, wonderful plaque in Grandpa's memory. They planted it last year, back by the Japanese water garden (if any of you ever get the chance, go see it) because Simpson was one of Grandpa and Grandma's favorite places to go walking.

Simpson is also where Chase and I are holding our wedding reception, largely because of Grandma and Grandpa. So I know that we will be getting some of our wedding pictures done by Grandpa's tree. We had the chance to go visit when I was in town last, and I'm really glad that we're going to be able to have our reception there, that it's all official now.

So yeah. That's my bit. Hope to see us breathe some life back into this blog! :)

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  1. I've always been interested in what the Sycamore forests look like over on the west coast. I've started to compile a list (in my head, granted) of places I'd like to visit, either on a massive trip or on lots of little ones, and I'll think I'll add the Sycamores to it.