Thursday, February 20, 2014

Better Late than Never, Yes?

I want The Enchanted Forest Chronicles filmed. All four of them. I want this thing. I have wanted this thing since I was a child. I want dragons and snarky princesses and awesome witches and awkward romance. I want this thing.

Unfortunately, because I have wanted this thing for nigh fifteen years now, some of my choices have become too old (but I will hold out on Robert Picardo for Telemain as long as I possibly can). But being on a casting kick recently, I went and found some new favorites.

Emilia Clarke as Cimorene
Ben Barnes as Mendenbar
Helen Mirren as the voice of Kazul
Saul Rubinek as the voice of Roxim
Erick Avari as the voice of Woraug
Frances O'Connor or Olivia Williams as Morwen
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Telemain if I must go younger
Jonathan Pryce as Zemenar
Blake Ritson as Antorell
Asa Butterfield as Daystar
Katie Leclerc as Shiara

I would like this thing, and I would like it now, and I would like it to not be butchered. Please and thank you!

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