Saturday, April 19, 2014

3 weeks and counting

Busy, 3 weeks left of semester, late, etc. etc.

So, I would tell you about what I'm gonna do this summer, but Katie kinda covered it. I doubt we'll get to ALL the things she's decided we'll do, but it's nice to have a list.

Otherwise, I'll be working three days a week at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives. I also have a part time position lined up (if it's still there *crosses fingers*) at New York & Co. to make a little extra money. Besides that, I will be doing lots of studying things like teaching myself German (so I don't have to take a class for my second language proficiency), reading all the film music books I can get my hands on, AND watching and annotating as many superhero films as possible, including transcriptions of all the tracks/themes and where/when they show up (so I don't have to do it later when I want to use this stuff for my dissertation). OH, and I'm taking one online class besides the internship - if I'm already paying tuition, might as well do another class, since it's not that much more money. Add in all of Katie's plans and the hour's commute each direction to the internship and, well, I'm sure I can sleep when I'm dead, right? :P

I kid, but really, I'm looking forward to summer. Even though about the same amount of time will be taken up with working as would be with school, I won't have anything to take home with me, meaning I can work on my own projects. Well, in theory anyways. :)

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