Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pipe Dreams

Before I get started on the topic at hand, can I just give a shout-out to TORI!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I love you bunches and I'm so happy you were born!

Otay, now...

OPTION B:  Where do I see myself in 5 - 10 years?  By the end of five-years-from-now, I would like to have my own place, in a nice neighborhood, furnished just the way I want, and the money / job to keep it up.  I want to be working somewhere that I love, and building a long-term career.  I want a bedroom large enough to house the king-sized bedroom set that I will be buying off of Mom, I want a second bedroom that will become a nerd cave and art studio, and I (possibly) want a third bedroom where my current bed set will sit as a spare bedroom.  I want this third bedroom so I can keep the door closed from the cats, that way anyone allergic to kitties (i.e., Cassie) can stay with me without worrying about their allergies getting unbearable.  I want a nice kitchen with stainless steel appliances, including a garbage disposal and dishwasher, and granite counters, a double basin sink, and a separate pantry.  The living room will, hopefully, have a wall large enough to house my entertainment center.  There will be a kitty condo in every room (save the spare bedroom), kitty toys scattered about the hardwood floors, and squashy furniture where I can settle in and read a book, draw, or watch TV.  At that point, I also hope to have my CCW permit and handgun.  Basically, I want to be independent, plain and simple.

I love and miss you guys!  I hope everyone is doing well!

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