Sunday, April 13, 2014


Way to miss your own topic there, Katie...

What I love most about summer is that I no longer feel trapped in the house.  I know the heat can get really assaulting, but it still doesn't keep people inside the way the deep chill of winter does.  Even when it's 90 degrees, I am still able to go out and do things.  Wildlife is more active as well, and there's more happy sunlight :-)

Plans this summer are both boring and exciting.  The boring part is that I plan on finding a job ASAP and working full-time to build my career.  I'm excited for this, but let's face it, work is boring.

But Anne is going to be here this summer!  Mom and I have brainstormed what we're going to do.  There's all kinds of stuff to see in downtown and the surrounding area, for instance.  We have yet to see the aquarium (don't know how that's happened), there's a pretty good zoo here, and various museums.  There's also a section of Amish country that's close enough to take a day trip, not to mention the downtown are of my hometown (FYI, it's adorable).  Mom and I have been taking walks every day since it warmed up, so that will probably continue unless it's too hot, and the dogs deserve a couple of walks as well.  A friend of mine has a camper, and I enjoy going out there for an evening to relax around their fire pit.  I also want to really get into drawing again.  I'm sad that I've been too busy to indulge in that hobby.

In short, after such a brutal winter, I plan on enjoying every second of this summer that I can.  Sitting out on the front porch or the back deck with the dogs, wearing flip-flops as often as possible, and maybe even enjoying a little nightlife.  I'm not letting the beautiful weather slip by me the way I did last year.

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