Thursday, May 22, 2014


Young aspiring (but very amateur) author, seeking other amateur authors for a summer of fun writing project(s). Open to experimentation, but most familiar with the "letter-gaming" or "Nanowrimo" format.

Yeah, I was gonna get more creative with that and then ran out of ideas. Seriously though, IT'S SUMMER (wouldn't Olaf be psyched!) I have many projects on tap for the summer, but one of the big ones is reconnecting with some of the hobbies that I had to give up on during the year - writing, for example. Trouble is, I don't have anything started, and I'm not in the mood for editing (it's a bit too close to what I do for my "job" aka being a student). So, I was wondering if one of you beautiful ladies would be interested in embarking on a summer-long writing project. I have one condition: it has to be done (or able to be put on hold) as of August 22nd, because I cannot guarantee time to work on anything other than school once it starts back up again. I am happy to try a letter game (or a modified letter game - wouldn't it be interesting to do a letter game through a blog?), trading of prompts/chapters, or any other writing thing you wish to suggest, as long as it falls within the time frame. I honestly just want to get excited about writing again.

I know we're all busy "adults" now. I would love to do this with one of you lovely ladies, but if, say for example, you can't, but you have a friend who was just saying the other day how they wished they could do something similar, I would be most grateful if you would pass that info along. If nothing else, perhaps I'll sign up for July's Camp Nano this year.

Hope you are all doing well, I miss you dearly, and I apologize for going MIA for a bit. I needed to detox after the semester and had exactly zero ideas for topic suggestions.

P.S. Anyone know anything about Maggie or Tori? I haven't heard from either in a really long time.


  1. *psssssst* Friendly reminder that you and I are *technically* in the middle of a letter game currently, but I would also be up for starting a new, "real life" one via blog.

    And I'll speak for Maggie (I'd make her speak for herself, but she's in Richmond right now) -- she's doing better health-wise, but she's been super swamped and super stressed with work, so maybe send some words of encouragement her way if y'all get a chance?

    1. To which letter game are you referring? And is it in fact my turn?

    2. Also, the likelihood of me finding the previous letters is slim, soooo maybe starting over is in order?

    3. It is, in fact, your turn. This is the letter game between Layla (me) and Ryn Martin (you), but it is also the letter game that has died four deaths with four different partners, so I'm starting to think it's just not meant to be as a letter game, and I'm probably gonna just shelve it until I can flesh it out on my own.

      So yeah. Let's start something new. I, too, want to get better about writing this summer. I keep aspiring back to 2007?? when we actually wrote a full letter game in three months. That was kickass. And awesome.

      What are the chances we can write a non-fantasy story this time?

    4. I didn't remember I'd tried Ryn with you! That means she's died about 4 times for me too... yep time for something new. It would indeed have been 2007 when we wrote Bridging the Gap, because it was the summer after I graduated high school. I had a lot fewer commitments then, but I am happy to try and get a whole one written anyway!

      I am not good at writing things without fantasy, because I worry that the story I'm telling is boring, but I am willing to try. If we go for the blog format, then that would probably be more appropriate. That said, it might be difficult to figure out how they go together.

      Another random thought: Modern retellings of classics seem to be the thing recently - we could each pick a character to modernize and then part of the fun would be figuring out which one the other had picked! :)

      Shall we move this discussion to email? Do you still have the same address?

    5. I remember why I never wrote Layla back! She pissed Ryn off enough that I honestly couldn't see a way forward. Ryn was ready to sever all ties, and probably would not have actually written back. We definitely will need to start something new.

    6. We can for sure move to email. I'm at