Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Missing Plots

I'm going off topic here, but I wanted to talk about stories I'd love to write but that I don't currently have any plot ideas for.

I want to write Albus Potter's first year at Hogwarts where he goes through this identity crisis as he ends up in a house different from his parents and older brother. And now that he knows the two people he was named after, he tries to find out who they are. He in turn spends a lot of time trying to figure out who he is - taking certain risks - and learning that he doesn't have to live up to anyone, just be himself.

I want to write about one year during Teddy Lupin's education at Hogwarts where he's particularly moody and his grades and personal life is slipping. Remus and Tonks are "sent back" so that only Teddy can see them, and they try to help him pick up the pieces and build a relationship with him among all the anger he has toward them.

I want to write a modernization of the Music Man set in high school, where Harold is this rebellious teen who charms all the teaches into giving him passing grades before he moves on to the next school and Marian is a tutor who sees right through him.

I want to write a Frozen fanfic where one of Han's older brothers visits Elsa kingdom to ensure relations between their two kingdoms is stable, and eventually they fall in love.

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  1. Story one: I am also interested in these questions with Harry's kids, but I assign them more to James.

    Story two: I plan on writing an angry, angsty, brooding, full of hatred Teddy, but sans his parents coming back to help him out. But I'm fascinated by the idea, and I think it's one that doesn't get looked into enough.

    Story three: This is an amazing idea. This needs to be written.

    Story four: This is also a grand idea that I can get behind.