Thursday, June 5, 2014


Guess what! I could yell Katie's name right now and she would HEAR ME! We're living in the same house! It's exciting!

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy. First, I went to NYC for a conference at NYU. We went a few days early and did some touristy stuff with the family (like a walking tour of the Lower East Side with samples of the foods all the immigrant groups would have eaten!). We went to see a show called A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, and if you ever get the chance, you should see it - it's billed as Downton Abbey meets Sweeney Todd, which it is but way funnier. I also made a point of visiting The Strand Bookstore, which advertises that it has 18 miles of shelving, and HOLY CRAP I could not live anywhere near NYC, because with how easy it is to get there by metro, I'd spend all my money. Sadly there was no red moleskine next to Franny and Zoey. Being a geek, I had to check, right? Anyway, then I gave my paper at the conference and it went really well - the moderator for my panel (who is a well-known and highly respected scholar in the field) suggested I revise my paper and submit it to the journal, so I may be a published scholar by this time next year (if I get my butt in gear, that is).

So, Monday we drove back from New Jersey, and I spent all of 15 hours in my parents' house sleeping and repacking before coming to Cleveland for my internship. Basically, it's REALLY COOL. I have an official badge thingy that gets me into everywhere (except for the archival storage which needs a badge AND a key, but there's a key I can sign out, so basically I can go anywhere). I got to take a tour of the whole museum, plus all the behind the scenes stuff, like the wall in the security entrance hall where they have all the famous people sign - I found Samuel L. Jackson, for example, who signed it when he came on a day off from filming The Avengers last summer! My internship is actually in a different building, so I don't get to see the famous people or any of that (and even if I did, I had to sign a professionalism contract saying that I wouldn't fangirl over all the famous people), but even working offsite at the library building, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a really nice place to work. Everyone has been incredibly nice, especially since I keep having to bug them to fix things, like my badge, which at first would only let me in the back door, so if I went in the stairwells, I would get stuck until somebody rescued me - PROBLEM! lol. If this weren't temporary, unpaid, and, well, an internship, I would want to stay here indefinitely (though in my own house. Sorry, Katie!)

Anyway, that's my update since we didn't have a prompt. Speaking of which WHERE IS EVERYBODY?! And did you know we passed one year as of the beginning of June? I know it's totally not my turn, but I do have a prompt idea, so unless anybody vehemently objects I'll probably post it tomorrow evening if there's nothing up yet. I'm not even sure whose turn it actually is... (oh hey, it's posted! It's Cassie's turn, and she's usually good about getting in prompts, so I'll save it :)

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