Friday, July 25, 2014

Bucket List

I have actually given my "Bucket List" a lot of thought.  Most people (or, the ones that like to talk about their bucket lists) put daredevil things like skydiving or hang-gliding on theirs, but given my fear of heights and general anxiety about dangerous situations, those experiences legitimately do not intrigue me.  I guess it would be cool to go parasailing over the ocean, though.

Not that there aren't *any* dangerous things on my Bucket List.  There is definitely one thing that I want to do someday that most people would (and do) look at me like I'm an escapee from an insane asylum for wanting:  I want to swim with sharks.  And not just the bottom-dwelling nurse sharks that hardly ever attack humans.  Those species are cool, but come on now, those aren't *sharks*!  I want to swim with Great Whites in their natural habitat.  I would be in one of those cages, granted, but still.  To see Great Whites in the wild is my ultimate dream.

I also want to take a couple of trips.  The first (and probably most exciting for most of you to read about) is a week-long trip to Florida to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  And yes, I want the entire week to be devoted to that single attraction.  The other parks are great, but it's WWHP that I really want to take my time through and see in its entirety, and if it takes an entire week to do it, so be it  =)

I also want to see the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in America.  I know, surprise surprise, right?

A European tour is also on my list, though it's more like an English Isles tour.  I would prefer to stay out of places that don't speak English.  Mom really wants to see Italy, so I would be more than happy to go there with her, but I am more attracted to England, Scotland, and Ireland.  In particular, I want to be sitting in a pub during and England v. New Zealand rugby game (the only sport I'll tolerate), and I want to see a particular rock formation in Ireland.  This being a public blog, however, I will keep this destination under wraps for privacy reasons.  I really just want to explore the Isles and see the pretty scenery and bustling cities.

There are also a lot of shows I want to see.  I want to see a Broadway musical, ideally Wicked or Hairspray (though I know that means actually going to New York City, which scares the living daylights out of me), I want to see a comedian live (Jeff Dunham, Ron White, Bill Engvall just to name a few), and I want to attend a metal concert of one of my favorite bands.  Ideally it would be Nightwish, but they usually only tour Europe, so that might get tricky.  Oh, and Celtic Woman.  I really want to see Celtic Woman live.

I want to be "read" by a psychic at some point too.  I know most of them are frauds, but it would be cool to see if I could find someone legit.  I believe in the skill, I just don't believe that most of the people who claim it are telling the truth.

Falling in love would be nice, too...

Most would see my Bucket List as pretty boring, but again, I'm the opposite of the daredevil type, so one isn't going to find anything overly dangerous on it (with the exception of the whole shark thing).  But that's it.  You now know some of my life goals =)

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