Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let's GO somewhere!

OMG it's Saturday and I'm already typing up my post - look at me being productive! (aka, HOLY CRAP librarianship articles are super-dry and I have to read five and a half more in the next few weeks, please, oh, PLEASE give me something else to do!)

A lot of my bucket list involves travel. For starters, I would like to set foot in every one of the fifty states (and stopping for gas and a bathroom on my way through doesn't count). Current estimate is somewhere around half. Then, I would also like to set foot on 6 of the 7 continents, Antarctica not being particularly appealing to me. If I manage to miss them while doing the continents, I would like to be sure to go to Japan, India, New Zealand, Egypt, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia (and possibly Iceland), Northern Canada, Southern France, somewhere in the tropics, and the very tip of South America. And, of course, I would like to go to Harry Potter World, asap. I'm looking into maybe making it in the next year, I hope. Oh, and I want to go on a cruise, preferably an Alaskan one! I'd love to do a spontaneous road trip too, but I'm too much of a planner to really, you know, do it. So basically, if I ever settle down, he'd better like to travel!

Of course, I would also like to live abroad for a while, but I can see that not happening, because it will depend on the kind of job I can get, and if it doesn't happen before I meet someone, well, I can't very well ask them to pick up everything and move thousands of miles away from everyone they know just because I've always dreamed of living somewhere else.

I would like to publish something fictional, but will probably do so under a pen-name so the academic world doesn't look at me like I expressed a love for eating slugs.

I would like the six of us to all go on a vacation getaway together, because wouldn't that be fun! Especially if we went to Harry Potter World! Or a resort somewhere in the tropics!

I would like to meet a celebrity, but not in the disgusting fangirl way, in the "accidentally run into someone you really admire and be able to tell them so" way that never happens.

I would like to attend a Nerd conference, but probably not Comic-con, because that would be too many people, and not enough events that I'd like. Possibly Leaky Con or Book Expo America? Maybe that's still too big, but BEA sounds awesome, so I'd put up with it. AND I want a chance to cosplay. Katie and I were talking about how we should do Emma and Regina, because our hair is right (only mine isn't quite anymore - 8 inches came off on Thursday!)

And the boring stuff: I would like to find a job that I love, someone to settle down with, and have a little cottage with an entire room devoted to a library, in the mountains somewhere with a cat.

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