Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Jobs and Swimming Pools

Option 1:  We've been doing this off and on for a whole year now!  (Okay a year and two months. Another birthday we kind of missed.)  What has changed for you in that year?  Do you like how this project is going?  Is there anything you would change?

I positively love this project.  Granted, we've all missed out on topics and postings, but overall, I think it's been pretty successful.  What I would change, however, is more contact with each other outside of the blog.  We kicked around the idea this past weekend of doing a Google chat (or whatever it's called) once a month or something, and I love that idea.  If someone shows or tells me how it would work, I am totally down for it.  Especially if we do a book club type of thing.

A lot has changed for me during the past year or so.  Loving and losing, for one, but I won't discuss that here.  Larger, more positive changes start with me getting my paralegal degree.  I truly enjoyed paralegal school at Lakeland, and I'm thinking about getting in touch with a couple of my old instructors and asking if they need someone to speak about how the program actually does work.  When I was there, there were complaints from the students that the program was essentially useless.  Thoughts on that idea?

Without that additional education, time-consuming as it was, I wouldn't be working today.  The Clerk of Courts called me out of the blue from viewing my resume online at Lakeland's website, and now I have a full-time job doing something that uses both my criminal justice and paralegal concentrations.  The job is difficult - I will probably be in training for about six months - but it has the potential to be fulfilling not only in the short run but also in the long run.

Because, let's face it, judges don't last forever.  There are only a certain number of terms that a judge can serve in Ohio before they age out.  The judge has...two?...more years of her current four-year term left, and then if she gets re-elected at the end of her term, she'll have another four years to go.  Usually, when new judges are elected, the first thing they do is throw their weight around and initiate a new regime.  Once a new judge is elected, all employees should essentially be worried about keeping their job.  However, the judge has told me before that if someone develops a good reputation in this area, finding something else shouldn't be a problem.

Option 2:  It's summer!  Woohoo!  What is your favorite summer pastime, and why?

My favorite summer pastime, hands-down, is swimming.  When my little sister and I were children, we were babysat by our grandparents every day.  We would walk to the local community pool by ourselves (only about half a block) and swim all afternoon.  I don't know what it is about being in the water, whether it's the weightlessness or the feeling of freedom, but I have always loved to swim.  It's also an awesome workout, and if there was a cheap way to do it around here, I totally would.


I had an awesome weekend with all of you.  I love and miss you guys, and I hope everyone had / has safe travels home.


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