Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Okay, first things first, JK Rowling just published MAJOR new info over on Pottermore, and we should talk about it, like, ASAP, so I can complain about how much she's screwing with my next gen headcanons, but that's not today's topic, so. Here are today's questions.

We've been doing this off and on for a whole year now!  (Okay a year and two months. Another birthday we kind of missed.)  What has changed for you in that year?  Do you like how this project is going?  Is there anything you would change?

I like how this has been going, honestly. Yes, there are weeks we all disappear, yes some of us disappear longer than others, but personally, I feel like this is a pretty low pressure project. Like, if we miss a few weeks, I don't feel like anyone takes it as an insult. We are very understanding of the idea that everyone is super busy, and sometimes blog posting falls by the wayside. 

As for how I've changed in that time, well, I finally got up my courage and moved out of Bowling Green. And I know now that I can be successful somewhere else. I have what it takes to make it. But I do miss Ohio and my family and all of you. I've learned a lot from the job I'm holding now, especially that I'm not cut out for it long-term, but also a lot about where my strengths and passions really are.

It's summer!  Woohoo!  What is your favorite summer pastime, and why?

I like to swim, and I like to travel.  

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