Friday, November 15, 2013


This turned out to be an interesting topic because James and I have decided not to go grocery shopping until we've eaten all the food in the house in an attempt to (1) save some money this holiday season and (2) get rid of some of this food stuff we haven't eaten. So, we have to get a little creative with throwing stuff together.

I forgot to photograph my food! Sorry.

Chicken nugget casserole:
layer baking pan with frozen chicken nuggets, layer with cheese, layer with tomato sauce, stick in oven according to chicken nugget cooking directions.

These turned out okay. I'm not a fan of chicken nuggets. They are usually pretty horrible in terms of meat quality (unless you are chick-fil-a, omg, so delicious!). And the breading on the nuggets came out kinda soft, and I'm picky about consistencies. You could probably alter the recipe so the nuggets come out better. James liked it though, and has promised to eat all of it so I don't have to.

Succotash experiment?:
We had some Lima beans in our freezer, and mom always make awesome Lima beans for thanksgiving, so I dug those out. But in the spirit of using more ingredients, I dug out a bag of corn, and I cut up an onion, and then I thought why not add a can of pinto beans?

Put all that in a pot with two cups of water, some chicken bouillon, let simmer for 45mins to an hour until beans are tender. I haven't eaten it yet, it's still cooking. But it smells good.

Chocolate milk deliciousness:
Something I threw together when I was younger: take a large cup, spoon a generous helping of whipped cream into the bottom, squeeze a generous helping on chocolate syrup on top of the whipped cream, fill with milk. Some of the whipped cream will mix with the milk while you pour, and some of it will float to the top drizzled with chocolate syrup. Yum! You can stir the drink too, if you want.

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