Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Sun, The Moon, The Sky, The Earth, and All Things in Between

My family.  I have an awesome mom.  There really aren't any other words to use for her besides that.  I also have an amazing sister with whom I get along very well (usually), and who is marrying (someday) someone else that I am grateful for.  She has the pick of just about any guy, so I am very grateful that Chris makes her happy and that he's such a great addition to our family.  Angie and I have shared many a laugh and good time, so and I'm lucky to have a sister that I can talk to so easily.  My extended family is made of awesome too.  I have great aunts, uncles, and cousins on my father's side who are hilarious and a lot of fun to be around.  Of special mention is my aunt and godmother Sergeant Jean Crotty of the South Euclid Police Department.  She puts her life on the line every day to protect other people, and I am grateful that she has stayed safe.

My pets.  (Yeah, you should have seen that one coming).  All six of them (eight if you include the doggie nephews) are healthy and happy, and they make my life whole.  They love unconditionally, without a care about how I look or what I do.  I have never been so welcomed as when the dogs jump up and down and wag their tails when I walk through the door.  I love the way Oscar's "excited dance" whenever I come home, Ten-Ten's intelligence, and Sport's ungainly ways (seriously, he is so fricken' clumsy).  BTW, for those who have followed the Sport Saga, he is doing very, very well.  He hasn't had an accident in weeks, and when he did it was completely our fault.  We managed to get a crate for him that he won't break out of (since he managed to weasel his way out of the first), so the house is protected from his destruction whenever we're gone.  He barks like the pit bull he is whenever someone he doesn't know comes to the door, and has shown signs of being protective.  And yet, when we give him a treat, he's the gentlest of the three dogs in taking it from us.  I'm very thankful for him  =)

My friends.  Yep, that means you guys!  Without getting too sappy - seriously, you guys changed my life.  It's good to know that not everyone thinks I'm a wierdo, which is pretty much the attitude I grew up with through elementary, junior high, and high school.  I am so grateful for you guys and the way you accepted me without judgment or ridicule, and I can't thank you enough.  You are each made of awesome in your own right as well, and I couldn't ask for a better group with which to associate.  Giving, passionate, supportive, artistic, funny,...I just love you guys  =)  Included here too is Jason, who has been my rock and proverbial shoulder to cry on whenever I need him.  No time has been too late, and no amount of boo-hooing has ever been too much.

My life.  I have so much in my life that I am thankful for, even aside from my family, friends, and animals.  Mom has a good job and is willing to shack me up until I get one of my own.  I am grateful that this past semester has gone as well as it has, and that I am well on my way to independence.  I am grateful and relieved that I managed to secure an internship so quickly, and that it's in my desired field.  (I'll be working 100 hours for the Lake County Public Defender's Office next semester!  They've hired interns in the past too, so maybe if I rock enough, I'll come out with a job on the other side).  I have everything a person could ask for - clothing, food, health, a roof over my head,... - and I am very grateful for all of it.

In general.  I'm grateful not only for things in my immediate life, but for things that touch it from far away.  I am grateful for the bright, warming sun and the summer heat I love so much.  I am grateful for beautiful beaches and the oceans they touch, and for the wildlife both in those oceans and out of them.  I have never been so fascinated as when I am learning about the amazing limitations and abilities of animals.  I am grateful for music, for song, for dance, for theatre, and for any and all forms of artistic medium.  I am grateful for screened-in porches during rain storms, for warm blankets, and for the rejuvenating affects (effects?) of sleep.  I am grateful for the mysteries of this world as well, for how would intrigue be fed otherwise?  And I am grateful for stories, for without them I couldn't be the massive nerd that I am  =)


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