Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hard topic is HARD!

Hey ladies! Sorry I didn't post last week - I had an out-of-town guest and intended to write the post before she got here. In fact, and this is 100% true whether you believe it or not, I had an awesome post completely written in my head - one time, a few months from now, we'll have to do a "make-up" week where everyone posts something from a week they didn't post on originally or something!

Anyway, it's kind of a shame that I missed last week, because this week I'm going to be lame and take a cop out. To start with, I don't really have any bad memories that are conducive to hero-ing. I can think of a few instances where I kind of wish I'd said or done something differently. And hey, if I could stop the SUV that rammed into my cousin's Corolla 6 years ago, I definitely would! But there's no real instances where there was anything I could have done anything, and so it's very hard for me to imagine my life happening differently. For those of you who have talked to me about fan-fiction at all, you probably know that I have a thing about imagining things anti-canon. I cannot tell you the number of stories I have half written somewhere that I had to abandon once the next installment (book, movie, episode, whatever) came out and proved my theories all wrong. It's kind of annoying. Some of those ideas were really cool! And so it is with my life too.

The thing is all my experiences, both good and bad, make up who I am. I would not be the person I am today if I had ended up at my dream college, or gone straight on for my Masters. I might have cried over not getting an 'A' in Elementary school, but if I (and my parents) hadn't pushed myself so hard, I probably wouldn't be looking at such a great school now (and I'd probably be less crazy, but that's a discussion for another time). And if I hadn't experienced the death of my cousin, I probably would never have become as close to the rest of my cousins as I have.

And so, I am going to make myself my own hero - by not changing anything. I needed all those experiences to learn to be who I want to be no matter how difficult. And you know, some people might say that's it's own kind of heroism.

Now, if you want me to write you a post about one of my characters becoming a hero... well, that's a different story ;-)

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