Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hot damn!


Maybe we're in different places, occupying different spaces, but you'll always be Dunbar Girls to me!

The theme of this week seems to be less, "how are we," and more, "how busy is life?!" We'll I'm going to stick to form and answer: "Pretty darn!"

The amount of busy isn't anyone's fault, and though I am responsible for the circumstances I couldn't be more excited!

"Why?" you may ask. WHY?! Because by this time next month I will be DEBT FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!?!6:&/(&,("39¥€€>|~!!! (Do you like my emphatic punctuations?)

When I graduated I decided that I would be debt free within 2 years of graduation (OMG GUYS IT'S BEEN 2 FREAKING. YEARS). This may seem like a somewhat ambitious goal when you consider that I had almost $30,000 to pay off and that would be a correct assessment. Call me ambitious.

Go ahead. Do it. I'll wait.


Have you said it yet?

Fine. I'll do it myself: I AM AMBITIOUS!!

Here's why: it is my goal to be accepted into my ministry's outreach program. To do so I must be free of financial entanglements by the application deadline which is the first week of June. As of April 15th, despite my efforts, I still had $20,000 to go.

The coolest thing about God is that when you refuse to accept anything less than complete deliverance you will receive nothing less. And quite often a bit more.

In the last week alone, my parents and I have made payments to bring that total down to less than $9,000.

Hot damn!

I am baby-sitting(as I type, actually. Hooray for blogger mobile! We are at a little league game), working two jobs, putting on a huge yardsale, selling my car, my bass, and have the most generous people in my life. Sometimes you just have to let people know you have a need and they'll help you find ways to work towards the sweet fulfillment of that goal.

If there are really only six connections between every person in the world then Cassie, don't sweat. God already knows how to meet your need. All you have to do is take strategic steps. So what if you end up sleeping on someone's couch for a couple nights? So what if you end up searching for jobs from a Motel 6? Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego believed so strongly in their deliverance that they continued to believe despite the physical improbability of it and God delivered more than abundantly. Go read Daniel 3. Don't let yourself stop moving because the logistics seem daunting.

Maggie: Congratulations on working in a comic store!! It may be tiring but I bet you have a ton and a half of fun!! And congratulations on a job-job, too.

KATIIIEEEEE I'm so excited you have a Gentleman Friend!! I know the whole overseas thing can be rough even if you aren't officially dating at the moment. Good on you for going after him yourself!!


I do have a question, gals: who decides what each weekly topic is to be?


  1. To answer your question, TAP, I think the way the topic choosing is happening is we start with one person (a.k.a. me) and then rotate through the order. So, the person choosing this coming week would be Maggie, I believe, since she posts the day after I do. Then it would be Cassie, you, Heidi, and last (but certainly not least!) would be Anne. Then the order would start over again!

    1. Yes, this is accurate. As I understand it. And if not, it's as good a solution as any, so let's fly with it!

      Also, I'm making you all admins of the blog so you'll see all the comments made. That way no one will miss anything.