Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oh, my!  It's Saturday, isn't it?

Heidi:  You look very distinguished in your graduation gown!  Congratulations!  I'm very happy for you!

So the prompt was to pick a TV show, movie, or book that we think none of the others have seen or read (respectively), and talk about it.  Before I begin, I want to compliment Heidi on prompt choice  =)  I am both interested AND stumped...

Well, not completely, I guess.  I know a lot of us are opposed to horror and ghostly things, so I think it's safe to talk about "My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera" on BIO.  It's a spinoff documentary series from "My Ghost Story," where people talk about their ghostly encounters while dramatizations play out what they saw, heard, etc.  What I love about "Caught on Camera", though, is that the evidence they show is all...well...caught on camera!  Viewers get to see all the creepy pictures and hear all the even-creepier EVP recordings (EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena - ghosts communicate vocally on frequencies that we can't hear with the naked ear, so voice recorders will sometimes pick it up and it can be played back with the volume up).  I like that I'm not just taking the person's word for it, like I kinda do with the original series.  It's not just based on eyewitness accounts, which can be over-exaggerated.  There's more legit proof with "Caught on Camera," and some of it is CREEPY!  Now, of course, there are many pictures taken and EVPs where I'm like, "Um...I don't see the ghostie" or "I don't hear whatever you're hearing on that recorder," but mostly it's stuff that makes me shudder and make me believe in ghosts just a little bit more.

So the other part of the prompt is to tell why y'all should watch the show.  I know you guys probably won't watch it because, like I said, I know a couple of us (me included as far as movies are concerned) who definitely have other things they would rather watch than ghost shows.  And I'm also aware that more than one of us doesn't have cable anyway, so there's no way TO watch "My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera" even if you wanted to  =P  HOWEVER, I like the show because I find it fascinating.  I am a logical individual, so it's cool for me to see something that I can't necessarily explain.  I mean, if no one is talking, then why would a recorder have a creepy voice on it saying, "I am The Devil!"  Or, if no one is in the room, then how is it possible that a face is appearing in that mirror?  I don't know, and that's what's cool about it for me.  Maybe ghosts do exist after all!

So, if you ever have the chance, watch an episode of "My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera" and let your mind try to absorb something that doesn't make any sense  =)

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