Thursday, May 9, 2013

Miss Thursday is ready for August!

Oh goodness! Blogger has changed a TON since I was last using it! This will take some getting used to...

My weeks generally aren't that different from each other, so instead of going through the boring day-to-day of my past week, I figure I'd better catch you all up on the big stuff. Most of you probably remember that when we last met up I was applying to Masters programs. I am happy to report I've been successful - I was offered a position in the Dual Masters program (Master of Library Science/Master of Arts in Musicology) with scholarship at IU to start this fall. I was incredibly excited - this was exactly what I wanted from the beginning. Then, about a week after I sent in my letter saying "Yes, I will attend" I got a phone call. The short version? My application was "highly qualified" and they wanted to offer me a position in the PhD program (fully funded no less!), skipping the MA altogether. At first I did a lot of freaking out. They originally asked for an answer in the space of three days, and since I technically don't need a PhD for the career field I'm looking at (plus it involves at least 2 more years of my life) if they had stuck to that I would have had to say no - that's too fast to make a big decision like that! Luckily, they gave me an extension, and while I haven't officially said yes yet, barring any major surprises I plan to. I'm just waiting to make sure it really will work with the MLS that I'd be doing at the same time, because losing the library degree would be a deal-breaker.

Anyway, since I found out I was definitely going, everything in my life has revolved around that. A few weeks ago we went and found an apartment and signed a lease. It's a really nice place, though the lease is really strict about stuff on walls. So, to help get some color into the apartment, I spent the past weekend (re)painting furniture (as well as accumulating my first sunburn of the season and finding a fire ants' nest the hard way. OUCH!)
Like this!
I've also found some fabric to make accents that matches the blue (which is going to be the main color of the apartment, but I have more of the yellow paint, so anything painted is going to feature the yellow, while anything fabric will feature the blue.)

Of course, it's not all fun stuff. There are somewhere between 3 and 5 placement tests I'll be required to take the week before classes start (they aren't real clear on how they'll be broken down). These essentially test:
  1. All the things that happened in music history EVAR! (okay, since 200AD. That's still a lot!)
  2. All the concepts that go along with that, how to use them, and how to analyze them.
  3. How well you can hear all those concepts and write them down correctly.
  4. How well you can read and immediately translate these symbols into sounds coming out your mouth.
  5.  Any language you might possibly have knowledge of, and whether your knowledge is sufficient (proficiency in at least 2 non-English languages required)
  6. AND "will you embarrass us if you are for any reason called upon to play your instrument, since technically that's not your focus."
Suffice to say I am almost constantly studying.  I have 3.5 months to relearn everything I learned in my first two years of college - as well as a few things I learned in High School (I took my dad's classes when he was teaching them then, so I wouldn't have to later). EEP! Well. I suppose I don't have to, but not passing these proficiencies means at least  a semester and maybe 2 spent in "remedial" courses - something I'd really rather NOT do, and not just as a matter of pride. My degree(s) will take long enough as it is!

A part of me wishes that August would just get here already - that I'd have all this stuff done, I'd be moved in and moving on with my life. At the same time, this is "The Big Change" for me, and this summer is my last chance to do "normal" the way it is now. I'm doing my best to take it day by day. As long as I get something done every day I can't worry about all the things I didn't get done, right? Right.

Otherwise, like I say, the day-to-day is pretty boring. I'm still working in the dungeon at the university libraries. I finally (FINALLY) am almost done with cataloging the C's, and I'd say it's a pretty good bet I won't finish even half of what's down there before I go. That's okay though - when I look at how much I've accomplished and the many thousands upon thousands of records that are now ready to go into the catalog I feel pretty good.

Katie: We've talked a lot about this, so I think you know what I have to say by now. *hugs*

Maggie: I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt. Just remember you have to sleep sometime!

Cassie: You're not the only one! As you probably see. Even though I have a few more things figured out than it sounds like you do, the amount of things that must be done before I move is incredibly daunting, and I'm terrified too. But I will say this: If there's one thing that I believe above all else, it's that things work out the way they're supposed to. So take it one day at a time, and you'll get there and be fine.

Tori: Does this ministry thing you want to apply for mean moving away? If not, it'd practically be a crime for us to be an hour drive apart and never visit each other ;)

Heidi: As I write this your post isn't up yet... so hi? 

Anyway, I'm really glad we're doing this, and I hope I won't get too busy to come back and post even once school starts. *knocks on wood*

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