Thursday, September 19, 2013

And I thought I had no free time in college . . .

I really ought to post about my own topic, oughtn't I?

Okay, so new Harry Potter movie, screenplay by JK, all new material. Couldn't be awesomer, yes? Yes.

Here's what I want:

Luna. She doesn't have to be a huge part, but I'd like to see her at least a little. Honestly, I would LOVE it if these movies were framed as stories that Luna is telling to her boys about the adventures of their great-grandpa. That way, the movies can still be their own stories, but there's that taste of the familiar for all us die-hards.

Non-British wizarding society. I am really excited to see how wizard society functions in the US. Things like castles and candles and enchanted forests fit really well with the image of a country like England with over a millenia to its name. They fit less well into US society, so I really want to see that transfer.

Similarly, non-modern wizards. Wizards are notoriously "behind the times" -- still using candles and carriages and things of that ilk. So if we're set in the 1920s, are they that much further behind? Or non-modern wizards still more or less the same?

Familiar characters. And by that I mean characters we know from the series, but as we never got to see them in canon. Not so much Dumbledore (though he'd be awesome, I feel like he'd steal any scene he was in), but maybe Bathilda Bagshot, characters we know by name but never saw fleshed out.

Newt. I know, I know, we know next to nothing about this guy. And yet, in my head, I've got a wonderful picture of this nerdy, awkward, absent-minded intellectual. That may be entirely wrong, but I'm excited to see this character that JK cares so much about.

Yay universe expansions!

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