Wednesday, September 4, 2013

life update

Hey, all
I have a temporary job now, nothing too exciting. Classes have started back up and all the student workers left, so there’s this auction house that needs someone to scan all these documents that have been piling up. So that’s what I do, I scan.

I’m not complaining too much. It brings in some money, but working 8 to 5 makes it really hard to get any writing done, and I would really like to finish Merlin so I can start sending it out and hope for something.
About half the staff working at the auction house started in temporary positions, so maybe something will come out of it, but I wouldn’t be too excited about it. It doesn't really seem like an area I would be interested in working in. But, I’m with Katie. It’s not about what I want to be doing, it’s about taking what comes my way so that I can do something, make some money, and then work on what I want to do.

I think after this job is over (if it doesn’t turn into anything else), I’ll start looking at some part time stuff or a temp agency. I would really like some income, but I would also really like time to get some creative stuff done.
James and I went to DragonCon last weekend, and it was pretty cool. I got to go to a ONCE panel with the actors who play Archie, the Blue Fairy, and one of the writers. The three of them were a really funny group and it was pretty awesome to be there. I also went to a Meet with Tonks hour and Nat Tena is really funny, really cute, and also shorter than you might think. I was really worried I’d be star struck around these people, but I wasn’t. They’re just normal people like you and me and it was really cool to speak with them.

My job is pretty much paying for the room that we didn’t get anyone to share with us to split the ridiculous cost with. So, yay!

Katie mentioned her 3 – 5 year plan, and I have more a 1-3 year plan, which is get a job to pay for the wedding, finish Merlin, find a publisher, and start on book two. Life plan, bam! Go!
Also, I went to writer’s panel that I will be posting and tagging on facebook.

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  1. It would have been so much fun to go to DragonCon! What did everyone from the panels talk about?!?!

    I would also love to read your Merlin story once it's done, and to, you know, work on that character design you asked for a few years ago...*hides*