Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Chimera

I.Am.So.Excited for these movies!!!!

Specific to the movies, I can't wait to meet Newt Scamander himself.  I mean, one of his descendants married the lovably-odd Luna Lovegood, so he has to be at least a little bit interesting and eccentric.  I also can't wait to see some of these magical beasts.  I own Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and there are so many that I've always said, "Gee, I wonder what that would look like..."  For instance, the chimera.  I know they're one of the most dangerous creatures in the wizarding world (if not the most dangerous), but a creature with that many combinations in it has to look a little hokey, right?  The only way I manage to imagine it is disjointed and cartoon-y, so I really hope we get to see one that's well-blended and more realistic.  There are so many more that I want to see: doxies, fairies, the rest of the species of dragons,...

OMG CHIMERA!!!  RUN!!!  This is really the only "realistic" looking rendition I've seen in artwork.

Generally, the additional stuff that I want to know about the Harry Potter series is just what these movies promise: more about magical wildlife.  I know, none of you are surprised, but wildlife is fascinating to me, and learning about animals and creatures that have abilities that are even cooler than the ones we know about already is very exciting.

I'm sorry that this post is late  =(  There's no excuse, unfortunately.  I completely forgot...

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