Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Campfire Man

My stranger was almost a lead-in to a romantic drama. Woe is me. 

At this point I was in high school and to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure which year it was (one if the ones in the middle).  A close friend of mine was having a birthday party which was unlike any party I'd ever been to. There were tents in her backyard and a fire and a ton of people I didn't know and I'm pretty sure half of the people who came either hooked up or got baked (I remember! It was junior year).

I did no such thing, of course, and found myself by the fire where there were only a few others. I end up having this amazing conversation with this guy whose name I don't even remember and I'm actually not sure he even really knew the birthday girl.  When I say this was almost a romantic lead in, I'm serious: he was attractive, he held a meaningful and intelligent conversation with me for at least an hour, and sincerely wanted my phone number. And that holds the record of still being the only time in my life where  a strange gentleman wanted my number and I wanted to give it to him.

To this day I believe that he called me and it simply got lost in the flurry of my sister's wedding week because a cellular was not a norm in my life at the time. 

I even tried to follow up and get his number via my friend and you know what? She couldn't even tell me who he was! 

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