Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I don't really have any casting gripes. I mean there's been movies where I'm like "What?!" when I hear the casting news, but I always hold that you have to see the movie first. Like, I really didn't know what to think of Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman, but when I watched the film, I thought she was fantastic. And looking back, I can't really think of any films I wish had been done differently.

I don't even want to point a finger at Micheal Gabon. I love him, frankly, in the third film. And I think a lot of the later gripes with his character comes less from the idea that he was miss-cast, but more from Dumbledore being poorly written in the script. And since Gabon refused to read the books, he didn't have the prior knowledge he needed to be like "You know, I don't think Dumbledore would attack Harry after he put his name in the Goblet of Fire." Maybe that's giving him too much slack. I but I think he was acting as the character as written in the script, so I tend to place the blame there.

What I DO wish that David Yates had directed all 8 films and Micheal Goldenburg had written the screen plays for all 8 films. Can we get hold of a time machine and fix all of that, please?

And I want the remake of Fahrenheit 451. If we could just do that, please. That would be fantastic.

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