Friday, January 24, 2014

The Recasting Game

So,  I recently found out that they're making The Giver into a movie this year, and I am not in any way okay with anything that they're choosing to do with it, and what really gripes my ass most of all out of the myriad of problems this film has going on is the casting.

Jeff Bridges (Jeff. Bridges!) is playing the titular character because he's the one making the movie, so he's allowed to do that, and the kids are being played by actors who rang from 17 to 24, but it's "all right" because they're aging the characters from 12 to 16 so that they can throw in a completely unnecessary illicit love affair between Jonas and Fiona, and I just --

I'm supposed to be posting a topic. Not a rant. *deep breath*

Anyway, the topic is this: What television series/movie/show/what-have-you would you recast given the chance? Could a different cast have saved The Last Airbender? Who should play Dumbledore in the inevitable Harry Potter remake? These are the questions I put to you. I look forward to your answers.

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