Thursday, January 30, 2014

Procrastination is the name of the game

So, originally I was going to cast a few of my favorite books (including Howl's Moving Castle which I have already done elsewhere). But then Cassie got me started on recasting Harry Potter. Since I didn't know about 90% of the actors on her list I decided to make my own, and since I was procrastinating writing a paper, I naturally went way overboard. Keep in mind many of these are "well nobody could really do it, but I could accept _____ trying," cause we all know it will never EVER be the same. Names in parentheses are Cassie's suggestions that I would also find acceptable. Anyway, here it is (in vaguely the same order as Cassie's list):

Moody: Robert Carlyle
Dumbledore: (Michael Caine) John Hurt or Dustin Hoffman
Kingsley: (Samuel L. Jackson) Idris Elba or Orlando Jones
McGonagall: Lindsay Duncan
Hagrid: Lee Arenberg
Bellatrix: Emilia Fox
Lucius: Tom Felton
Umbridge: Kathy Bates
Sirius: Colin O'Donoghue or Aidan Turner
Lupin: (David Tennant) Douglas Henshall
James: (Daniel Radcliffe)
Peter: (Martin Freeman) Elliot Levey
(if you haven't seen the Tennant/Tate version of Much Ado, you really should. Levey plays a diminutive Don John, and does a wonderful job of it!)
Snape: Mark Strong! (or if they take a while to get to it, Ben Barnes)
Young Snape: Asa Butterfield?
Lily: Louise Brealey
Petunia: Carey Mulligan? (I wanted her in somehow, and while I'm not entirely sold on the idea, she can pretty much do no wrong, so I let her have it)
Quirrell: Jonathan Aris (no, seriously, just think about it a minute)
Lockhart: Bradley James, Nathan Fillion or William Moseley
Barty Crouch Sr.: Clark Gregg (amirite?!)
Ludo Bagman: (Nathan Fillion)
Voldemort: Lars Mikkelson (trust me, those of you who watch Sherlock, as soon as you see this Sunday's episode, you'll believe me.)
Arthur: John Finnemore (because he's a hilarious person, though I'm iffy on putting a radio actor into a visual part)? Martin Freeman (because he is my mental image of down-home British man)? Arthur Darvill (because, let's face it, he could do ANYTHING!)
Molly: Karen Gillan (if against Arthur Darvill), Catherine Tate
(just for that one line - you know the one)
Tonks: Eve Myles
Trelawney: Alex Kingston

Other characters
Vernon: James Corden
Peeves: Andrew Scott
Narcissa: Michelle Pfeiffer
Voice of Dobby: John Finnemore (Put him in this role, and I will back him to my dying day)
Fleur: Holliday Grainger
Filch: Jonny Lee Miller
Fudge: Robert DeNiro
Cedric: Robbie Kay
Ollivander: Bernard Cribbins
Grey Lady: Katie McGrath
Alice & Frank Longbottom: Elizabeth Henstridge & Iain de Caestecker
Regulus Black: Colin Morgan
Mrs. Figg: Una Stubbs
Rita Skeeter: Kristin Chenoweth

Other Actors 
Mark Gatiss
Andy Lee Potts
Michael Socha
Emma Rigby
Patrick Stewart
(and a few more I'm forgetting, but I have a meeting in 10 minutes, so I've gotta wrap it up)

And yes, I AM aware that these people will never be the right ages all at the same time. That's what makeup is for, right? :P 

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