Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Is it my day to post? I don't know even know anymore. It's been a while since I've been on here. I'm so glad I've set it up so I get emails when this blog is updated because it reminds me I'm supposed to be contributing.

New Years resolutions? Let's just call them goals, shall we? I feel like with that term I will feel less guilty if it takes me a little longer to reach it than I hoped. These are in no specific order.

1. Fanfiction. I have an Outlaw Queen (Robin/Regina) saga forming in my head! AHHH! I did not want this to happen! I avoided sagas with my HP fics because I knew they were a lot of work and took forever to complete. And I really didn't want to go there. I still don't! But it is so exciting! And I don't think I can get out of this one.

Also, sidenote, I've noticed that with HP, I mainly wrote about my favorite characters - Remus, Tonks, Snape. But with ONCE, I write mostly about Regina and Archie. I love Archie, so he's the exception. But I'm going to have so much Regina stuff and I don't particularly like or dislike her in any strong sense. But I am very interested in who she could have been, so that's where the fics go. Also, I have a fic planned for the future that is mostly written from Neal's point of view. I don't even like Neal. I think he's a douchebag. But it's written with the idea that he stayed with Emma and they raised Henry together and then went to Storybrooke to break the curse. So, I guess that also kinda falls in line with who Neal could have been.

2. Novel. I want to fix up Merlin and then send it out and see what happens. I'm really struggling with this part where Arthur acts completely out of character and we don't really get a lot of insight into why that happens because the book is written in first person from Merlin's view. So, I'm struggling with making this scene not be so jarring. I don't want it to seem like it just happens because I needed it to, but because Arthur is actually dealing with a lot of crazy stuff Merlin doesn't have insight to. But I'm fighting with it. Once I can get through that, I'm sure the rest of the editing process will flow well. Maybe I should just edit everything and come back.

3. Job. I have a job, as I mentioned, but I'd really like something that pays salary.

4. House stuff. James would really like to get out from under the house that neither of us is particularly happy with. And I agree it's a good move for us to make, but it's going to take a lot of work/time/money to fix things up, and I really thought I'd have a real job before we did this. It's a good thing, needs to happen, but ugh.

5. Wedding stuff. The plan was for us to get married this Oct, which is still the plan. But with stuff and the house and me not having a real job, we are questioning if we should do the wedding in a different, less costly way. And we're not sure what that looks like, and house stuff is going to come first. So, yeah, we'll see.

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