Thursday, August 1, 2013

A friendly reminder to take things one day at a time

This topic isn't exactly easy for me either, but for different reasons. If you're going to write down the lyrics of your favorite song, it really helps if your favorite song HAS LYRICS. I'd guess at least 95% of my "favorites" are instrumental works. Yep, I'm a music nerd.

That said, there is one I've been listening to a lot lately, because the message is one I need to hear right now.

"Story" by Sam Tsui

You're stressin' me out, the way you obsess,
And worry about what happens next.
Can we just enjoy the here and the now?

You're livin' your life like something you read
Always just a couple lines ahead.
You're dyin' to know if it all works out.

Oh, what's the point of reading the last page before you can even start?
Just have faith that gettin' there can be the best part
Can we write our story? Take it one page, baby, at a time.
What's the point if we're only gonna worry how it ends?
We can take it fast, we can take it slow, if we just take each step as we go.
Our story, our story... one page at a time.

You figured it out. You wrote it in pen.
You know how you want our plot to end.
You said it was so no room for surprise.

Try letting it go, live for now, live for this,
Not the same old lines, from the same old script.
And maybe you'll find you'll enjoy the ride. 


Go on predict the clock while I sit right here wonderin' where you are.
What good's a perfect ending if you just pretend to see that far?
I'm on your side don't get me wrong. I want to write this story too,
Not one you've already written. No, I'd rather make it up with you.

Can we write our story?

Chorus (to end)

It should come as no surprise that I love the reading imagery in the lyrics. The music is upbeat and happy, what my family would call "Get Goin' Music" (something you put on when you have to do something you're not that excited about and need a mood booster to get it done). He also does some clever things relating the song to others on his album, using phrases from other tracks and using the exact same motives with them. And I really like the message - I'm the kind of person that he could be singing this too, especially right now with so much upheaval in my life.

For some other of my favorites, have a listen to the Sherlock and/or Doctor Who soundtracks - both are written by geniuses, and I find something new that's really cool on every listen!

(In other news, who decided it could be August already? Nobody asked me!)

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