Sunday, August 4, 2013

Men of Mischief

This will not come as a surprise at all.  My favorite character is one of the . . .  .

The Weasley Twins.

Fred and George Weasley fascinated me from the moment we saw them horsing around with their mother at the train station.  Their love of jokes and mischief endeared them to me.  It helped that I have a thing about twins.  They have always fascinated me and they usually end up being my favorite characters regardless but the main reason that I fell in love Fred and George was the depth that Joe gave them. JK maked them each their individual person, even if they are mostly lumped together. Like any other character that isn't the Trio each of them got their own personality and layers that made them 3 dimensional .  It's so easy (especially for identical twins) to get written exactly the same.  Fred and George do everything together, they even act the same most of the time. Joe could have easily left it at that, but she didn't.  My absolute favorite scene with the two of them is in "Goblet of Fire," when Harry overhears them aguring over the leprechaun gold that was given to them. It's really the first time that Harry and the readers (who aren't looking for it) really see how different they are.  Fred is more aggressive then George, though George can be just as bad, especially if you drag his family into it.  George has a little bit of a softer side and Fred is definitely more reckless.

In the beginning I liked Fred more than George.  He was more dangerous, reckless, 'edgy'.  He had some of the best fan fiction because he needed to be 'tamed' more than George.  I could see George settling down and becoming a family man, but Fred?  Not so much.  When we were giving our predictions about who was going to die in the 7th book I said "I hope both the twins make it, but I have a feeling that's asking to much.  So Fred better be the one to survive."  Yeah. . .  .I cried like a baby.  It was a bad day. .  .    After the 7th book, as I started to read fan fiction and researching them more and more I don't think Fred could have survived George's death.  George was a little more independent than Fred.  George was the one that was reeling him in and I think Fred relied more on George than George relied on Fred.  George has grown on me.  So I can now say with confidence that

George Weasley is my favorite character.

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