Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oh yeah, things have release dates

So I'm really bad about keeping up with things and when they are released.  Like Once.  Totally forgot that it's coming out soon.  So this post is things that I currently remember are coming out and are currently looking forward to.  Ask this question tomorrow and I will probably give you a completely different answer.  But here it goes:

1.  Teen Wolf (The summer finale is coming up and I can't wait for the second half of the third season.)

2. Girl Meets World (Cassie and I were on a Boy meets World kick and I can't wait to see them all grown up with kids of their own.  Especially Shawn.  Rider Strong is sooooooo attractive)

3. Switched at Birth (The only show that I know of that has Deaf Characters so I'm always looking forward to new episodes)

4. How I meet Your Mother (I'm waiting for the 8th season to come out on Netflix.  I want it so bad!!!)

5. Thor 2 (Cus well.  . . Loki)

6. Borderlands 3 (It's my favorite video game!  I want it now!!! I'm hoping to have a gaming computer by then so I can play with people online.  I'm probably not gonna upgrade my playstation and instead upgrade my computer.  Gaming computers don't need upgraded as much or as often as platforms.)

7. Supernatural (Have you seen Dean Winchester?)

8.  The Hobbit part 2 (The first one was so amazing. . . )

9.  The next Hawkeye Issue.  (So the current run of Hawkeye is written by a man named Matt Fraction and he is a freaking genius.  The issues only come out once a month and it's like freaking torture waiting for them.  It is so well done and the art is so unique.  If you can get to a comic store I really really suggest picking it up.  Or pick up the trade here :
It follows Clint in between missions when he's you know, healing all those broken bones because he's not a God, or in an iron suit or giant green rage monster)

That's all I got media wise.

I'm also looking forward to starting my new job teaching high school geometry.  I'm always looking forward to gaming (table top: modern D20 and D&D as well as board game nights)

Other than that I'm great.  Cassie is a blessing and I am loving living with her.  I've challenged Chase to a duel with rusty spoons so we'll see what happens in December.

2.9 to you all :)

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