Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ya'll pretty much covered it

Essentially, if you mentioned it, I probably want it too. Also, the BBC practically owns my soul for all the things I'm currently watching/listening/waiting for from them.

I'll add a few books:
Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray (expected 2014)
Cress by Marissa Meyer (expected 2014)
Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (August 27th!)
Shadowscale by Rachel Hartman (expected 2014)
The untitled third book of the Nevermore series by Kelly Creagh (expected 2014, though without a title yet, I'm wondering if it'll get pushed back :-( )

I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting right now.

Anyone mentioned Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Once Upon a Time in Wonderland yet? (I'm writing this early, so you might have, but nobody has yet.) I'd also like some time to catch up on books and TV that are already out and I just DON'T HAVE TIME! (Arrow, Covert Affairs, Merlin, Siege & Storm, The Madness Underneath, Dark Triumph etc.)

OH! AND the next season/episode of Cabin Pressure. *Someone* has been taking lessons from Steven Moffat! *swears roundly at John Finnemore for turning a comedy into something that makes me a feels-wrung tear-sodden mess!* That said, it's actually a really effing hilarious radio comedy that stars Benedict Cumberbatch, and you should listen to it. I promise 95% of the tears are from laughter (NSFW, if you don't want your co-workers don't want to hear you snort. Just saying. From experience and all.)

And finally, I'd like to just be MOVED ALREADY! As I write this it's still 3 days away. GAH!

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