Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A swift kick in the..

Somebody kick me in the rear! And by somebody I mean myself. Here is the thingy thing that I need changed in my life that I'm sure you all can guess ^{>|£<'dvskric (that was a drumroll): STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!

Ok, "procrastination" is a broad topic, so let me get a little specific. I want to not only mean what I say and say what I mean, but to follow through on my intentions. We all say things with the intention of doing them, commit to projects or ideas that we're genuinely passionate for, but I don't want to keep leaving room in my life for someone to put a backup plan because Tori Thompson was plan A.

In cooperative projects this means remembering when I planned to do something and then PLANNING TO DO IT. With details and everything! Not just a vague, "oh crap, I meant to.." but a, "yes, at 6:43 we need to drive to the gas station, fill up, and get these specific things at this specific place because all of this has to happen specifically because fuck inconsistency I said I'd do it. And I'm gonna do a fucking good job."

I don't want to be ashamed that I forgot something or to disappoint because I made more work for someone else.

I want my name to be synonymous with "reliable." When you give Tori Thompson a job, you can expect it to get done right, and you can expect it to be done on time. No qualifiers.

Because if you can't trust someone at their word when they say they'll get this done, what good is it? Why trust them in anything?

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