Friday, June 14, 2013


This week it's all about self-exploration.  We're all friends and we all think that each other is made of awesome, but not everyone thinks that of themselves.  So, tell us about some quality of yourself (or is it your self?) that you wish was a little different.  It can be a physical something, emotional something, mental something, or even an environmental something (i.e., "I wish I lived in Virginia Beach instead of Willoughby" or "I wish my fifth grade teacher was Miss Frizzle instead of Miss [INSERT AWFUL TEACHER'S NAME HERE]").  Anything goes, so long as it involves YOU.  Then tell us how you would like this particular something to be different, and why the change would be beneficial to you, to those it affects (effects?  HELP CASSIE!!), or the world at large.

So, as Anne said:  AAAAAAANNNNNNDDD GO!!!

1 comment:

  1. Affects. You're right. :)

    Affects is the verb, effects is the noun. I think of SFX (sound effects) to remember.