Thursday, June 13, 2013

Who's ready for an adventure?

There are many, many things that have changed about me over the past few years. I think I've become more comfortable with who I am, or at least, I've tried to stop looking to others for what I "should" be. I've become a lot more organized/obsessed with cleanliness (for those of you who remember the piles of random crap on my floor in the dorms, that has definitely changed!). But a big change for me, especially in recent years, is food!

There was a time, way before any of you knew me actually, that I disliked quite a lot of foods. Not always the usual ones for kids - I'd eat most vegetables (except broccoli and peppers) and I loved fruit. But if it didn't have cheese, ranch dressing, or noodles in it, I didn't want it! Once I started learning to cook that changed a little, but I stuck to the things I knew well and that pretty much stuck until a few years ago.

Recently though, with more time on my hands since I'm not in school, I have discovered a passion for reading cookbooks! I love to go to the library and get out 2 or 3 cookbooks on random subjects, read them cover to cover, and then pick out a few recipes to try from each - "Adventurous" cooking, if you will. And that presented me with a dilemma; if I wanted to try and cook a recipe I wanted to do it the way it was supposed to be, but if I was gonna cook it then I'd better be willing to eat it, even if there was an ingredient involved that I didn't particularly like. I'll let you in on a secret - probably 97% of the time, I end up liking whatever it is!

In a way, cooking adventurously has taught me how to get myself to try all kinds of new things. By making myself try something new at home (where if it turns out disgusting nobody has to see me fail!) and finding that I like it most of the time, I find myself more willing to try new stuff elsewhere, and in other areas of my life.

I feel all grown up admitting that. Excuse me while I go make some mac and cheese to fix that :-P

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