Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Life, Currently. How it's going; Update: Punctuation!

Hair: growing.  Straightened.  Weird.
Room: rearranged, cleaner. Random crap? Yes.
Bible Study: better.  Teaching more. Seeing the Super-Awesomeness of God more.
Running: again.  Thank God bodies learn and adapt.
Drawing? Hell no, it's just frustrating.
Reading? Meh.
Writing? Double Meh.
Men? Thhbbbbt.
Commenting on y'all's posts: Yes, but they don't show up from the mobile app apparently?
Minor-ly freaking out when I suddenly realize that the slow passage of time has stolen years and omg has it really been that long since that once-monumental moment in my life??  Yes.
Is this year gonna rock? Fuck yeah.

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