Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Aah! Animals!

A couple weeks ago I went hiking with my dog and some friends of mine and one of those friends' dog. My friend's dog is very well behaved, but only when it comes to obeying her "come back here" commands (forget about food). Rufus, my dog, however, is very not. Let him off his lead and his name changes to "white lightning." Well...the trails were far enough away from the road that we thought, "why not?" After the initial sprint which taught him very quickly that running through the forest is nigh impossible, Rufus was surprisingly well behaved. He at least kept us in sight hen he went frolicking off into the woods. 
There he goes!  And while we were out we caught some beautiful sights: 
The last one's my favorite. Here's a picture of both dogs all tired out on the drive home:
At one point they even went chasing after a flock of geese across the pond. DeMarco (the poodle) is not very graceful nor is he any good at stalking/swimming. It was pretty funny watching him try to wade through the mud with the way he hops with excitement as he runs! Rufus was much more methodical and thought to use the docks to get nearer the birds, but as proud as I was that he was thinking the plan through I was so thankful he didn't leap in after them!

Love you girls! Sorry I skiffed last week.

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