Monday, July 22, 2013

'Round The World In...?

If money and time were no issue, there are several places (realistically, anyways) that I would love to visit.  What also would have to be eliminated are my anxiety issues.  I tend not to travel well.  This trip would take place around the world, in one fell swoop, for whatever amount of time it would take, and the visits wouldn't necessarily been in this particular order.
    • Harry Potter Exhibition
    • Platform Nine and Three-Quarters
    • Cardiff
    • Doctor Who Exhibition
    • London.  This includes all major tourist sites: the London Eye, Big Ben, and riding a double-decker bus; I also want to sit in a pub during the annual rugby game between England and the New Zealand All-Blacks.
    • English Countryside.  I would love to spend at least one night in an old English castle)
    • Crotty's Rock and Crotty's Lake.  For those of you who don't know, I have an ancestor by the name of William Crotty (which, btw, was my father's name) who was a highwayman in Ireland.  He would rob from the rich who passed underneath Crotty's Rock and re-distribute part of the wealth to the poor in the area.  One day his best friend betrayed him and soaked the gunpowder in his horn so he couldn't fight back, then he went and notified the authorities of Crotty's whereabouts.  Crotty was caught and hung for his thievery.  A song has been written about him by his wife, who was pregnant at the time of his execution.  Legend has it that she jumped off a cliff, clutching her newborn in her arms months later.  Legend also has it that there is a buried treasure somewhere in Crotty's Rock - remnants of the treasure that Crotty and his fellow highwaymen stole from the rich.
    • Dublin
    • Irish Countryside.  As in England, I would love to spend at least one night in a haunted castle, preferably the one whose hauntings speak of a creature only referred to as "It")
    • The Great Barrier Reef.  SCUBA diving, of course!
    • I want to swim with Great White Sharks!
    • Staying in a traditional Asian hotel, where the floors are made of bamboo mats and the doors are made of rice paper
    • Cherry Blossom Festival
    • Geisha performance
    • Japanese countryside
    • Japanese spa.  Acupuncture treatment, Japanese message, the works!
    • New York City.  Broadway musical, shopping, Statue of Liberty, Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, NJ, going on a search for the legendary Jersey Devil,...
    • Florida.  The Magical World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Magic Kingdom (where I would stay a night in the princess suite), Busch Gardens, FL, Epcot
    • Georgia.  Georgia Aquarium
    • California.  Tours of the studios of all my favorite TV shows and movies, Disneyland
    • Las Vegas, Nevada.  Madame Truseau's Wax Museum, any and all Cirque du Soleil shows, Believe by Criss Angel
    • Colorado.  A week living on a dude ranch (one with electricity and running water, please)
    • One week at an exotic resort, where the water is crystal clear, the air is peaceful, the beach is nearby, and the sun shines.  I want to go snorkelling and meet some sealife, sunbathe on the beach, go to a spa for an all-inclusive treatment, and spend the week writing, drawing, or doing nothing at all.  Oh, and seafood.  No way am I going to the Caribbean without eating seafood.
  • BALI

The best part about this vacation is that I would take all of you with me.

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