Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let's go meta!

Time is really tight this week ladies, so I thought I would go meta and treat you all to:

Top 10 topics I would write a top 10 post on if I had the time to do it properly:

1. Top 10 tv shows/movies that don't get enough attention. (I've recently gotten into older shows and Bollywood - not as terrible as I once thought!)
2. Top 10 places I'd like to visit/live in before I die - ALL OVER the freakin place! Goal 1: set foot on every continent (except maybe Antarctica). So far, I'm stuck at 2. 
3. Top 10 reasons the US/world is too big (Mostly based on #2 and where you all live)
4. Top 10 reasons August is coming up both too fast and too slow. *starts counting all the things on TODAY'S to-do list* *runs out of fingers and toes and goes hunting for more to count on*
5. Top 10 creative projects I wish I could work on right now. Why is it my brain picks the times I'm most busy to provide me with ALL the awesome ideas?!
6. Top 10 reasons I need to move out of my parents' house (this one would likely turn into something closer to 20... or 100...)
7. Top 10 people, living and dead, I would like to meet (and why)
8. Top 10 things that drive me nuts about the job I love (most of them due to a basic failure of logic...)
9. Top 10 favorite literary tropes/plotlines
And finally...
10. Top 10 reasons I don't have time to write a top 10 list this week.

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