Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All Around Europe

Hey girls,

A few years ago, back when I wasn't sure I'd be in grad school and I had savings to spend, Maggie and I had been planning a summer backpacking trip around Europe. I still have the list of places we wanted to see.

  • Barcelona
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Toledo
  • Rome
    -Vatican City-coliseum (supposed to be really pretty at night)-other old stuff
  • Naples
  • Pompeii
  • Venice
    -the canal

  • Oswiecim
    -Auschwitz -Birkenau State Museum

  • Berlin
    -Berlin Wall
  • Munich
  • Fussen
    -Neuschwanstein (freaking awesome castle) 

  • Paris
    -Eiffel Tower -Louvre-Notre Dame
  • Pierrefonds
    -Château de Pierrefonds (Merlin filmed)
Take ferry from Dieppe, France to Newhaven, England to see the Seven Sisters Cliffs (Robin Hood filmed)


  • London
    -Big Ben-Palace-Platfrom 9 ¾-Westminster Abby 
  • Liverpool 
I also wrote down Stonehenge, but not a location.

Somewhere between England and Scottland, I wanted to find "Sycamore Gap" along Hadrian's wall which is where my favorite scene in Robin Hood was filmed.


  • Edinburg
    -Elephant House (café Jo wrote HP in)
    -Maggie also wanted to look for Jo's house, which I thought was major stalkerish. :-P
  • Drumnadrochit
    -Loch Ness

  • Dublin
    -Cliffs of Moher
  • Crotty's Rock, Comeragh Mountains (for Katie)
  • Blarney

  • Cardiff
So, yeah, that ended up being our refined wish list. I have another one where we just wrote down everything that came to mind, and then in this list, I tried to string them together in a logical order based on how much time we could spend in each place and how we could travel in between. The idea was just to see and experience as much as we could. I would still really like to do it.

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  1. Stonehenge is outside Salisbury, and good luck getting there - we ended up walking through a muddy field! It was well worth the trek though!