Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's Still Saturday, Right? 0=)

Yep, even though it's 9:10pm on Sunday, I declare that it's still Saturday, so my post isn't late!

Looks like it's another "So, how's life?" week!  There's not much to tell, since it hasn't been too long since our last one.

I miss you guys, first and definitely foremost.  I hope everyone is doing well.

Mom and I are slowly but surely getting Angie and Chris ready to move.  I bought them a new salt/pepper shaker (and yes, it's a salt and pepper shaker IN ONE!!!), and will eventually be filling up their spice cabinet as well.  Mom has bought them kitchen towels and washcloths, and will probably buy them more stuff as we proceed  =P  I saw the house for the first time a couple of days ago, and although it'll be really cute once Angie and Chris have it all fixed up the way they want it, it's a little old-fashioned right now.  There's wallpaper covering the kitchen walls, green carpeting in the living room and first-floor bedrooms, and faux wood panelling downstairs.  I guess there's asbestos down in the basement too...eek!

We are trying to re-home Sport to avoid putting him in another cage at a shelter, but so far all the leads we've had have dried up.  I really hope something gives soon.  I keep imagining his face when the shelter staff lead him away...D'=

Oh, and ANNE HAS A CAR!  The reason *I* am allowed to be so excited about this, apart from her being my friend, is that it's my father's Mazda Miata that Mom didn't have the heart to sell after he died.  It's been sitting around, undriven, since then.  It's in pretty good shape (amiright, Anne?), it just needs to be driven!  I'm very happy she's taking it and that Mom won't have to worry about it anymore.  It's a good deal for all involved.  Although Dr. Lake was eyeing it a lot too  =P

I love you!  Have a good night and good week!

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