Sunday, July 14, 2013

ANIMALS! Twenty Animal Facts =3

WOOHOO!  My favorite topic of conversation!

Okay, so I know I did some animal stuff last week, but let's face it: animals are awesome!  Here are more weird and awesome animal facts:
  • Koalas, both male and female, have two sets of genitalia.  That's right.  No one knows why (at least not that I could find), but female koalas have two vaginas, and male koalas have two penises.
  • A group of kangaroos is called a mob.  And with legs that can knock a fully-grown man on his ass, it's probably best if you listen to "the offer you cannot refuse..."
  • Lemmings don't actually jump off cliffs and commit suicide.  This complete myth was born during filming.  Back in "the day", documentaries weren't filmed out in the wild like they are today.  So they brought lemmings in to film them and put them on a fake terrain.  What happened?  They were so scared that they just dashed right off the edge!  But no, it wasn't to commit suicide.  They were just scared shitless and too stupid to know what else to do.
  • A giraffe has the same number of bones in its neck as a human being.  They're just a lot bigger.  (I had to put something about giraffes in here for Cassie and Maggie  =3).
  • All polar bears are left-handed!  See Heidi, you're not as alone in your left-handedness as you might feel!
  • Elephants are the only mammals that can't jump.  I, personally, think that's a good thing.  Also, an elephant's tooth can weigh up to twelve pounds!  That's as much as Oscar!
  • Rats can't vomit.  That's why rat poison works so well.
  • Owls are one of the few types of birds that can see the color blue.
  • Evan and Jaron sing, "...the furthest distance I've ever known is from my head to my heart."  For most people, that's about three feet.  But the shrimp's heart is actually in its head, right next to its brain!  I bet love would be a lot easier if that were the case with humans...
  • Hummingbirds are the only type of bird that can fly backwards.
  • There is a species of earthworm living in Australia that can reach ten feet in length.  I wonder how early the bird has to be to get that meal!
  • Roosters can only crow if their necks are fully extended.
  • Mosquitos are responsible for the most animal deaths per year.  This is because of all the diseases they carry.  Of particular mention is malaria, which is the number one killer of human beings worldwide.
  • A drunken ant will always fall over on its right side.  Now, while it is fascinating to know that there's an animal out there that's exclusively right-heavy when intoxicated, for me, this begs the question of, "Who the f*** is so bored that they thought it would be a great idea to get an ant drunk?!"
  • Only half of a dolphin's brain sleeps at a time.  The other half stays awake so it can keep the dolphin swimming to the surface so it can breathe.
  • Crocodile fetuses don't have sex chromosomes.  The temperature of the nest is what determines the sex of the newborns, not genetics.
  • A snail can sleep for up to three years at a time!  Don't I wish...
  • A group of frogs is called an army.  I wonder how the U.S. Army would feel about this...?
  • Santa's reindeer are all female!  That's right, according to the Fish and Game Warden, male reindeer lose their antlers in the winter, but females retain them.  All depictions of Santa's reindeer show them with their antlers intact, so they have to be females, since Christmas occurs in winter.  I guess that explains why the group of deer is able to haul Santa's fat ass all around the world without getting lost...
Nature is fascinating!  I'm sorry this post is late ladies.  Angie and Chris moved out of the house yesterday, so in all the chaos, I completely forgot.  I was up until 4:00am this morning, helping Angie put things away.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!  <3

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