Thursday, July 11, 2013

Funny how fast things can change

First and foremost: EVERYONE IS OKAY. No persons, animals or houses were harmed in the taking/creating of these photos.

If I had written this post earlier this week, it would have been very short. Like, 1 paragraph short, because let's face it, there's only so many times one can say "I'm moving in X weeks and freaking about all the studying/packing/whatever I have to do. Oh and this week I bought a car." But, as often happens, Mother Nature had other ideas. Like knocking over half the trees in our yard:
This is our yard on "STORM!"

If there were a before picture it'd be easier to see how much damage the storm did, but I haven't taken a picture of our yard in years (who just takes pictures of their yard, I mean really?!). And really, we got off pretty easy. Nothing large enough to do damage hit the house. Our electricity was only out for 7 hours. There are about 20 trees completely knocked over, and probably that many again with severe damage (like, missing the whole top), but we were able to clear the driveway last night so we can at least get to the house.

From the other side - you can see the stumps right in the middle where the trees were just sheared off.

As little as half a mile South of us, none of that is true. Mom and I took a walk this morning and the next street south is completely closed due to downed power lines. We assume all of the houses were without power - we could hear several had generators running. And the house right next to the downed power line? Every. Single. Tree. was on its side. Not only that, but their roof was half gone, covered in tarp. That many trees come down at once, and it's almost impossible to miss the house right in the middle of it, I guess. So like I say we were pretty lucky. At most, we might lose some corn from the garden.
Just yesterday morning, this corn was taller than me...
Even so, a tiny part of me just wants to yell at the sky. Like we really needed this NOW of all times! It will probably take us months to get it all cleared up!

Oh, and I bought a car this week. I'm way excited for it. Nothing like knowing you have something better coming to make you realize how much of a POS your old car is.

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