Monday, July 22, 2013

Surprised Face? Anyone?

Anywhere in the world, huh? Money and obligations no issue?

Guys, I want to go back to England.

In 2009, as you probably know, I spent 10 glorious days in London, seeing the sights and a crap-ton of theatre. And it was marvelous. And I loved it. But it was only 10 days.

There was so much I wanted to see and couldn't because we didn't have time.

I want to see Matilda in the West End.

I want to go back to the Tower of London.

I want to see a Shakespeare at the Globe.

I want to see the Harry Potter Exhibition.

I want to see the Harry Potter Graphics Display.

I want to revisit the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park and Westminster Abbey and the British Museum and the British Library and Portobello Road Market and did I mention the Tower?

And then I want to get out of London and see the countryside and Stratford-upon-Avon and the Hampton Court Palace and castles and ruins and oh, so many other things. I'd also be totally cool with skipping over to Cardiff and seeing the Doctor Who exhibition.

I want to go back to England.

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