Thursday, July 25, 2013

Me too!

I really should have thought through how complicated my answer would be before assigning this, huh? Oops!

For me, there are two different kinds of vacation and I kind of have a dream vacation for both.

Active Vacation (a vacation on which one goes somewhere and attempts to see ALL THE THINGS
in the least amount of time possible)

My dream active vacation sounds a lot like all of yours. I would take a month (3 months, a year, however long it takes) to go around the world and visit all the places I haven't been to yet. Some highlights would include:

Australia: Sydney Opera House and the famous... rock... things?
Japan: anywhere
India: also anywhere
Egypt: Pyramids, Sphinx, any ruins of old Egyptian cities/temples they might have left.
Greece: I have a sort-of internet friend in Crete, but also just GREECE!
Somewhere in Eastern Europe: It sounds fascinating doesn't it?
Russia: anywhere (but only in the summer)
Switzerland: anywhere, and for more than 2 hours so I beat last time. Also, they have Alps, and I have yet to go skiing in my life (something that I'd like to remedy)
Scandinavia: preferably Sweden, I have more sort-of (as in haven't heard from them in YEARS but still like them generally) friends in Sweden.
Iceland: I'd like to pay tribute to that volcano that forced me to spend an extra day in Paris, at least to say thanks :-P
Spain: Anywhere - somehow we missed that in our tour.
United Kingdom: For spending a whole year there, I missed out on A LOT of things. I hardly did any of the London stuff (my boyfriend at the time was a rubbish tour guide, but since he was the native Londoner I let him do the planning - my mistake!) Also, Harry Potter Castle, Cardiff (and ALL the geeky things), Hadrian's Wall, Cornwall, and IRELAND. All I got to see of Ireland was Dublin (for a whopping 24 hours) and that's not particularly different from any other large European city.
Canada: The northern bit, again only in summer, and Edmonton to visit a friend.
United States: Far west (only been as far as the Grand Tetons), Hawaii, Alaska, the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Northwest, and possibly Texas so I get the middle too.
And a cruise, because I have to take a cruise at least once in my life.

Relaxing Vacation: (a vacation on which one goes somewhere with the specific purpose of relaxing as much as humanly possible)

On this one, I would go to either:
  • Rural Italy (Sienna/Florence area is beautiful!)
  • Southern France (Provence!)
  • Rural England (I quite liked the middle bit where I was, but really anywhere)
I'd stay for a few months on a single carry-on of clothes (I'd have a washer and dryer obviously) and pack my checked bag absolutely full of reading material as well as notebooks and pens for writing. I'd rent a small cottage and spend my whole time just soaking up the atmosphere.

Now if only I could find the money...

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