Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life is Snow Covered and Monotonous

I have no excuse for not posting yesterday. I mean, it's not like work exhausted me --- we had (another) snow day. I tended to my influenza-ridden fiance and watched a season and a half of Parks and Recreation. That was my day. I have no excuse. I just didn't get around to it.

But allow me (on this second consecutive snow day) to get around to it now.

Life is . . . not the most interesting thing in the world for me right now. I work five days a week (ostensibly), I go to choir practice, I go to church, I go to bell choir practice, and sometimes our friend Rachel comes over to the house to hang out.

Like, I'm not trying to complain, but I'm used to having a lot more to do with my time that is more varied. I miss my theatre work, and I miss my library work, and so, once the snow decides to leave us and I am subsequently able to walk downtown on a clear path, I am going to go bug the library about my volunteer application that has been ignored three times now.

There's also a theatre group down here, CYT (Christian Youth Theatre) that is hiring instructors for summer classes, so I'm waiting on letters of recommendation to send in, and then I'll be putting that application together.

As for my reading and writing goals for the year, I'm staying pretty well on track with them. I'm already at 25 books read for the year, and if you all aren't familiar with the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (futuristic fairy tale quartet - Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress have been published so far), then find Cinder and become familiar, because these books are wonderful and right up everyone's alleys.

As for writing, I spent January and February working on draft two of my Twelve Dancing Princesses novel. Draft one clocked in at 118,000 words, and my initial goal was to shave 40,000 off of that, but that goal quickly shifted to "Fix the plot holes for the love of God," so draft two ended up being 131,000 words altogether. It's kind of a monster (Katie, I'll get those last chapters to you ASAP), but a monster I'm more or less satisfied with for the time being.

March's project is to finish my three active WIP fanfictions that my followers keep clamoring for. Camp Nano first round is in April this year, I think, so I'm looking ahead to find an appropriate project for that.

Chase and I celebrate our four year anniversary tomorrow, which is exciting! I have to finish his gift today, and he went back to work so I actually have a chance to get it done now. We went out on our date last week, though, when we both had the time free. We saw The LEGO Movie which was . . . interesting. Enjoyable, for sure, but I'm still not quite sure what I watched. Music was catchy, though, and Will Farrell was surprisingly watchable, an opinion coming from someone who pretty much hates everything he does, so take that into account.

And I think that's all my news for now! Looking forward to hearing from all of you!


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  1. I've read Cinder thanks to Anne! I loved it!

    Also, I am so, so, so, so, so, so, so (and on and on) sorry for not getting to your 12 Dancing Princesses book yet. I want to SO MUCH, but life has gotten insane with school and...yeah. I promise I will read it ASAP and get back to you!