Thursday, March 27, 2014

Summer IS coming despite what the weather says

So, no topic means updates, right? Normally I don't have much to say for updates, but this week I do have a kinda big one, so I'll share (though you may have seen it on Facebook, in which case, sorry, but I'm super excited!)

Last week, I finally accepted an internship for this summer! I will be interning at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives from June to August, cataloging one of their LP collections. They need it badly, since they have maybe half of one shelf of vinyl cataloged total. Suffice to say I am going to be BUSY. And that means, I get to move in with Katie for the summer! WOOHOO!  :-)

Since this past week was spring break I went over to Cleveland to try to get a (paying) job for the summer, and I already have one offer for a part-time thing at the mall. I haven't officially accepted it yet, because there's a library job going only a little bit further away and I'd like to put my name in for that at least. I doubt I'll get it because they're probably looking for someone more permanent, but on the off chance I might, I'd like to try. That looks WAY better on my resume than part-time at a clothing store (not that there's anything wrong with part-time at a clothing store, but it's definitely not on my personal career path).

One other short tidbit before I go try to remember how to brain again after spring break - remember when I told you all I got a paper accepted to a conference in New York? Well, the topic is BBC's Sherlock and as a dry-run, I will be presenting it to Dr. Diehl's class (this semester's topic is Sherlock Holmes and I am insanely jealous!) on April 21st. I haven't run this by him yet, but if you are in BG at that time (say, visiting for Easter) I would love to have you come and heckle me. I need all the heckling I can get to make this paper really good for my first "big-people's" conference state-side!

Okay ladies, have a good weekend! (Aren't you proud of me for posting on time for the first time in FOREVER?!)

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