Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life Update: Craziness

So life is a little hectic right now. I think it's been two months since James and I moved into an apartment and spent every single moment of free time fixing up the house to get it ready to be sold. That was not fun. We've settled into the apartment nicely (once we got everything unpacked and organized). And things seem to be going well on the end of selling the house (knock on wood).

We're also building a house and planning a wedding. Building the house involves lots of meetings and decision making. And planning the wedding involves much the same. Both are very exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

We've decided not to hold the wedding at our original place of choice, which I think was the right decision to make. But I think we're going to have similar choices down the line where we're going to have to go on the feasible end rather than the ideal dream wedding end - not because it's not necessarily affordable but because: do we really want to spend a hundred dollars on center pieces that no one is going to want after the fact? i.e. we told our vender they could put whatever of their own things on the tables and we didn't care if matched. James and I are thrifty, and we don't like spending money on impractical things (for the most part). Dream weddings are fun to fantasize but oh my goodness, so not practical!

Speaking of dream weddings, I still really freaking want this cake!

Additionally, we got another cat. His name is Romeo, and he's a little stinker but also very adorable and lovable. He likes your lap and will pur like a motor. He was also previously a stray and isn't crazy about being an indoor cat and not being allowed people food, but he seems to getting more accustomed to the idea. He also DESPERATELY wants to play with Lucy and Karen, but neither of them are having it. He's also figured out that while Lucy and Karen will growl and hiss at him as ferociously as possible, they won't actually DO anything to him. So he just kind of forces himself in their space while they are sputtering at him and it's both hilarious and annoying because we have to listen to it. But I do think the girls are slowly becoming more tolerant.

Still working at Publics. Still looking for a job. My writing projects have gone nowhere, and I am now in 2 D&D campaigns. That is all I have to report.

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  1. I want that cake too! Do you guys care, if the stars align and I get married, if I possibly use this design too?!

    Romeo sounds like a trip =) Our big dog Sport really wants to play with the kitties, but they want nothing to do with him, so it sounds like a similar situation. Blitz will even swipe at Sport as he walks by, even if he's completely ignoring the cats altogether =P

    Wait wait wait...YOU'RE BUILDING A HOUSE?!