Friday, March 7, 2014

The road to Hell...

So, the idea behind last week was to get myself to actually write something fictional for the first time in months. It was a fantastic idea... until I remembered I was driving 8 hours to Atlanta starting at 4 am on Thursday. *sigh* One of these days I'll figure it out and get some writing for fun done. Good intentions and all.

My life is both exciting and boring, because everything is about school and career right now. I'm taking four classes: Cataloging, Film Music History, Music Librarianship, and Musical Theatre. Cataloging is online and is pretty much the most annoying busy work I have ever done. Film Music History is fun and interesting. I'm learning a lot, even though it's easier than most of my other coursework. Music Librarianship has been not much work so far, but the final project is going to be LOTS of work (but totally worth it). I will be cataloging a collection of Leonard Bernstein's stuff that his family donated when he died. I will be building a system for processing and cataloging everything in the collection. It's really exciting because some of it has never even been unpacked - who knows what I will find! And finally Musicals class is fun, although it can be depressing sometimes. It's kind of like a book club. My final project is cool though! I'll be looking at the use of Musical Theatre tropes in A Very Potter Musical. I'm interested in how those tropes are used to create a different message than the one(s) inherent in the books.

Other career related stuff:
I just spent a weekend in Atlanta at the Music Library Conference. It was great for networking, and I got lots of good ideas for dealing with future projects. Plus it was fun to hang out with my fellow students and get to know them better. The weather was pretty crappy coming back, but I made it safely at least.
I also had a phone interview for one of the internships I applied to on Wednesday and I got it! Unfortunately it's the only one of them that doesn't pay anything, so I'm going to call around to the others and see where they are in their processes. If one of them is close enough that they can make an offer or rule me out by the time I need to let this one know, I'd like to know that before I make my decision.

And that's about it for now. Spring break cannot come soon enough!


  1. I really wish I could have seen A Very Potter Musical on stage. It would have been hilarious.

    1. Especially since they edited it to be family friendly for YouTube! Ah well. Did you know there are two sequels now? One of them includes Evanna Lynch!